Why We’re Different Meza Home Buyers Phoenix AZ

Why We're Different - Meza Home Buyers Phoenix AZ
Video Transcription

Hey guys, this is Tommy. I just want to talk about a quick point on some things that we’ve been noticing. Whether you’re facing a foreclosure, you’re dealing with behind payments on your mortgage or just a situation that you’re thinking there’s no escape. I just wanted to clarify a couple of things because we do come across some homeowners that do reach out to us and of course, they’re always hesitant in regards to whether they should sell their property, or whether they should seek help from somewhere else. I think this is something that we love to clarify to see how we can help. First and foremost, we do buy houses in as is condition, but our main objective is always to see how we can help the homeowners. And this can go from a variety of options that are available.

Some of the things that we always recommend is that in case of a situation that individual needs to file bankruptcy, we always refer them to legal assistance. Again, we’re not lawyers, we cannot assist any individuals with this process. We do refer you over to trusted legal advisors that can assist you with that process. And that can buy you some time, especially if you’re facing that auction date that’s coming within a month or even weeks. Process is very simple. The lawyer can walk you through the steps and that allows you to have more time and more options. After that, once you have decided, okay, what’s the best step for us? We’d love to assist you, but again, sometimes homeowners need to be put in the right direction, whether exploring options such as getting a loan modification, or such as filing bankruptcy.

There’s just a couple things that you can do to try to save your property. And all in all fails, again, we do buy houses, but we always like to refer any individual that’s genuinely seeking help. If you genuinely want to save your properties and we’ll give you the information to see what the best decision for you. And again, if all in all fails and you’d need to get out, we’d love to provide that option. These are just some things that we look at it. I mean there is a stigma out there that investors are just looking to make low ball offers and take over my property at 65 cents on the dollar. But again, we’re in the business to help. Okay? We’re not in the business to take advantage of anyone. We want to provide an option that can make a lasting imprint so that in the case of a situation you do come across a family member or maybe a close one that actually needs to sell their property and let’s say we don’t buy your home.

At least you can refer them, be like, Hey, these guys helped me out. They’re a trusted company, they’re legit. And that’s all we ask for. I just want to do a quick video to explain the situation. And especially with all the stigma that’s been happening. And I think this is especially important nowadays with everything on the internet. It’s important to clarify that. It’s unfortunate you do see time and time again, a lot of investors that do take advantage of homeowners. But that’s a situation that you can generally feel within our first conversation that we’re in that to help you. Of course, we love your business, but most importantly, we want to help you. And it’s at all cost, if you want to save your property, we’re going to provide those options. Just wanted to make a quick video for you guys, and I hope you have a nice day.

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